Yoga with Amit

Welcome to Amit Namdev’s Site

Amit Namdev is a founder of Ashta Yoga Valley in India. Currently staying in Hanoi, Vietnam. Has been teacher for 13 years teaching around in 7 countries. And has been running courses successfully in Yoga, Reiki and NLP. He has taught several Yoga Teacher Training in India, Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai and a few Yoga Teacher Training in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Conducted various Yoga workshops in India, Yoga Retreat in Thailand, Yoga Retreat in Goa and Several workshops in EFT, NLP and Reiki in India. And taught Yoga classes for at least twice daily for the past 13 years.

Yoga with Amit Is Alignment based yoga practice, focusing on bone structures of the individuals to be able to practice yoga safely.

He is also very passionate with the YouTube Channel platform “Yoga with Amit” where he is able to Practice & share the yoga worldwide. New Posts on Yoga Videos are published on regular basis which will also allow you to be able to keep up with your practice even when you are back home.

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