Yoga Courses

Yoga Courses – How To Choose One That Suits Your Ability?

If you are new to yoga, it may possibly astonish you to know that not all yogas are the same. Based on what you are looking in an exercise & your ability you can discover all sorts of yoga workouts to suit your requirements.

You may like to attempt more than one type of yoga before deciding what type would be ideal one for you individually. Every individual is different, so one thing recommended by a friend may not be suitable for you in regards of pace & difficulty.

If you have never been to a yoga class before then you might want to start slow with Hatha yoga. This might not the trendiest yoga practice out there but it’s great to introduce yourself to some of the basic & simpler postures of yoga.

It’s feasible to experiment with simple postures that emphasises on breathing exercises and stretching out all of your muscles smoothly. There are also many beginner yoga courses in Hanoi that you may want to check out as a starter.

These Yoga courses are personalised for both men & women who’ve no prior experience in yoga & want to acquire a great grasp of the fundamentals.

A beginner class

Like this may combine many disciplines into an exclusive workout so that it’s feasible to get a taste of everything. If you’ve a god fitness level & exercising every day, then you’d like to attend a class of yoga in Hanoi that’s certainly a bit faster paced. Not all yogas are about slow movement & staying in poses for a considerable amount of tie.

Iyangar yoga is an excellent Alignment Yoga exercise in the case you don’t wish one thing sedate. This can also be an ideal course if you like Pilates. However, keep in mind that this is not the ideal course start off if you’re a starter. You may injure yourself in case you attempted this type of yoga if you aren’t in shape.

Yet another renowned yoga course that is getting a lot of buzz is the Bikram yoga. Also known as Hot yoga, this form of yoga is performed in a heated room. Preferably the room must be heated to about 105F or 40C. You’ll discover a string of 26 postures which are done with 2 breathing exercises. It isn’t for everyone as it takes some getting used to the heat.

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Yoga to Stop Hair Fall

Yoga to Stop Hair Fall
How Does Hair Fall start?
In many cases, there are ways to treat both male and female hair loss. It all depends on the cause.

Physical stress
Any kind of physical trauma can cause temporary hair loss.When you have a really stressful event, it can shock the hair cycle.

Lack of protein
If you don’t get enough protein in your diet, your body may ration protein by shutting down hair growth.

Emotional stress
Emotional stress is less likely to cause hair loss than physical stress, but it can happen.

( Here is a Guided Relaxation for Stress Relief?

Almost one in 10 women aged 20 through 49 suffers from anemia due to an iron deficiency (the most common type of anemia), which is an easily fixable cause of hair loss.

Solution with Yoga to Stop Hair Fall, Practising Daily Yoga and Meditation – can relax your mind and body and decrease the stress in your body. The consequence your Hair Fall will stop.

Good Eating Habit and Diet – That’s is also a very important subject to cover. If you don’t eat on time or correct diet then also you will find your hair falling so becoming aware of your diet and start a healthy one will prevent your Hair Fall.


Yoga with Amit

Yoga for Beginners

Yoga For Beginners – Must-Know Information

Yoga for Beginner
Yoga for Beginner

Have you ever thought about attending a private yoga class in Hanoi? Anxious?
Well, not to be worried! Quite a few people feel nervy or uneasy to start practicing yoga but there’s actually nothing to be frightened of.

What’s yoga?
In Sanskrit, the age old language of India, Yoga interprets to “union”. It designates to the union of mind, body, and spirit. The physical postures that many people in the West think about when they think about yoga are known as asanas. These physical asanas or postures are just one part of the 8-limbed system of yoga. A majority of this system handles mental and spiritual aspects of the self instead of the physical.

What style of yoga to select?
There’re quite a few varieties of yoga to select from. Studios and gyms generally provide vinyasa and hatha yoga for starters. The word hatha in fact designates to yoga in normal, as all yoga styles are hatha yoga. Nevertheless, classes designated to as hatha are generally gentle, slower paced, and emphasised on the fundamentals of stretching & breathing in diverse postures.

Vinyasa yoga includes more movement & are more rigorous. Nonetheless, both of classes are all right for starters. Just keep in mind to get classes marked as yoga for beginners.

There’re various yoga styles to pick from & picking the perfect style for yourself will have an effect on whether you stick with it or not. Try diverse styles instructors until you get one that resound you. Check out different yoga styles, which encompass vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, iyengar, power, bikram, kundalini, anusara, kripalu, moksha, and others.

Where to start – gym, home or studio?
Learning from an actual experienced yoga teacher in Hanoi cannot be beaten, so considering a beginner yoga class at your local studio or gym is ideal or even find a Yoga Video on Youtube and start practicing.

Gym yoga classes usually emphasize more on the bodily exercises whereas studio yoga classes involve more body, mind, spiritual aspects like chanting, breathing, and meditation in addition to asanas.

If you don’t have the resources to start with a live private yoga class in Hanoi, the best thing you can do is buy yourself a “yoga for beginners DVD” to practice at home. Yoga card decks and books work wonder for learning about methods & specifics of postures.

There’re also several great resources for beginners online like practical classes & step-by- step guides.

So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing yoga now and no doubt you will start noticing results sooner than later. Here is how you can start.

Guide to Different kinds of Yoga

Yoga is turning out to be an increasingly admired activity in the Western world these days. The number of people going for yoga classes is on the rise and there’s a glut of different kinds of yoga.

With a choice of Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga and many more to discuss about. This article will assist you to recognise the dissimilarity between the most popular kinds of Yoga so you can select which kind is appropriate for you.

Hatha yoga:

In Sanskrit language “Ha” represents “sun” & “tha” represents “moon.” This kind of Yoga is considerably slow paced, gentle kind of Yoga. If you’re totally new to Yoga & don’t know any kind of asanas, then Hata Yoga is the best place to start from. Like other Yoga, Hatha Yoga aims to connect the spirit, mind and body.

Ashtanga Yoga:

In Sanskrit, this Yoga means “eight limbs.” It is a swift moving powerful Yoga exercise & is based on a continuous sequence of asanas, harmonized with the inhalation. In fact, this type of Yoga can be very challenging physically as you continually move from 1 asana in the progression to the next, thus you will find that it’ll enhance your stamina, flexibility and strength as well.

Power Yoga:

This’s a western version of Yoga & is based on Ashtanga Yoga. This type of Yoga class many essentially stick to the precise progression of asanas like Ashtanga Yoga does, but it doesn’t involve practicing a sequence of asanas without stopping & starting.

Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa stands for breath coordinated movement & is another quick paced kind of Yoga, with an importance on breathing. This Yoga usually begins with sun salutations & moves on to more powerful stretching. Throughout the exercise, each asana is balanced with an opposite asana.

Bikram Yoga:

Also known as “Hot Yoga,” is performed inside a room heated up to one-hundred five degree with moisture of around forty percent. Typically, a series of twenty-six diverse asanas are practiced throughout a Bikram Yoga class & the hot temperature aids to relax muscles. Because of the extreme temperature, most participants sweat all through the class, and this assists to cleanse the toxins from your body.

If you are just a beginner or have never practiced any kind of Yoga before, then you should try to a few different kinds of Yoga to find out what suits you best. Keep in mind, there is no rule or principle that says you’ve to stick to one kind of yoga.

Who is Amit Namdev???

Amit Namdev
Amit Namdev is founder and owner of Ashta Yoga Valley in Goa India

About Amit Namdev: Amit was born in central india in 1984 in a Namdev family. In state of Maharashtra Namdev supposed to be the Brahmin (priest) however in central India Namdev’s are just a normal working cast. He was introduced to yoga when he was age of 9 years old, by his father who also was a body builder and a yoga practitioner. His father also has taken the role in India traditional fights that is called “kusti”.

Amit was told by his father if you want to be healthy the run, do some yoga stretching and drink lots of water.
His father used to give him money on drinking water. The more he drinks the more he gets money. Its a funny concept but it worked.
It continued to make Amit motivated in his progress to health. In 2003 he finished his schooling where he was a Boi-science student and Amit wanted to continue to study in the same for become a doctor as a heart surgeon.
The circumstance wasn’t with him. The medicine cost was more then his father could afford it.
Amit says: fortunately i couldn’t become a doctor.
Why he says that??
Because now Yoga is Amit’s passion and he is soo happy to be part of what he is doing now and find him self fortunate not being able to do the Medicine.
Amit started doing a 1 year Yoga and Naturopathy program where he learned how to teach yoga and also practice the alternative medicine, giving healing using water, mud, green leaves, Indian spices and also with energy called Reiki (universal life force energy).
He continued to grow and started teaching in central India, he was selected to teach at the school he was staying due to his English was fluent and could easily teach in English.
To continue to grow further, Amit moved to Dharamsala Himalayas, the residence place for His holiness Dalai Lama.
He started practicing teaching yoga to tourist coming to Dharamshala for free. And asked the feedback from his students to improve his teaching.
After 3 months of practice the season was about to end and his brother Yugesh Namdev who was based in Dharamsala, was now going for his visit to Sweden Europe.
Just before he left to europe he gave 500 INR to Amit and said; this moeny isnt for him to speand but to keep, in case he doesn’t succeed, go back home and never come back to him.
Amit was advised to go to Rishikesh and find a place where he could offer his yoga classes.
He took this 500 INR and left to Rishikesh in November 2004. However he spent 250 INR for buying a bus ticket from Dharamsala to Rishikesh and this was the cheapest bus ticket that he could find, which was non luxury and the most uncomfortable over night bus ride.
Amit Arrives in Rishikesh early morning at around 5 am, he waits for the sun to appear before looking for a place to have a shelter.
Fortunately he wrote an nice letter to Sivananda Ashram in Rishkesh and asked them if he could visit the Ashram for 2 weeks? He was welcomed there to come and stay.Amit in Yoga Pose
Amit went to Ashram and stayed there.
Later in the day he went to look for a hotel where he could teach yoga.
One of the hotel he arrived was called Brijwashi Palace.
He approaches the reception of the hotel and says; i want to teach yoga here. If you would like to have a teacher?
Hotel owner was there. He answers; i have already 7 other teachers, why should i take you?
He says; because i’m good teacher.
Owner; how do i know? OK why don’t we have a deal? You teach once a class and if people return to you, that means your a good teacher and also that you get the job then.
Amit; OK, i agree to that.
Later in the day some people came to inquire about yoga and the hotel owner direct them to Amit, who was siting in the garden on hotel.
Tourist: excuse me? Are you a yoga teacher?
Amit: Yes! With a nice smile on his face.
Tourist; is it possible to have a class this afternoon?
Amit: Yes! For sure with another bright smile.
Tourist: OK, i will see you later, my girlfriend also will be joining.
Amit: OK. With smile.
After when tourist left, owner called Amit and said: if these guys return after taking your class then

you will get the job!

Later in afternoon, Amit takes the class of the tourist and his girlfriend. After class they leave.
Amit comes to owner and gives his share to him. Which was 1/2 of 50 INR, which means 25 INR each.
Next day Amit arrives 7.50 am and waits for the tourist if they return…
But no body shows up!
Owner is smiling.. and then he calls Amit and says; well your students didn’t return!! so you don’t get the job.
Amit; but why are you keep smiling which saying this?? fair enough, that was the deal so thank you for giving me a chance. Good bye with a smile as always.
Owner: hahaha i am smiling because you do get the job.
Amit with surprise face: what? How?
Owner: this morning those tourist came and left a gift for you with good luck sign and wanted to give you thanks for your class. And this defines that you must have done a good class.
Amit: with a big smile Thank you!!!Amit teaching scorpion pose

After being 4 months in Rishikesh he returns to Dharamsala and have enough money to have his own place to teach.
He opened his YogaShala (yoga school) on May 25th 2005.
Started teaching and continue to become known among foreigners coming to Dharamsala from across the world.
He was a favorite and safer teacher for girls. As he was working with Yoga and Reiki due to his passion and he always is a focused person on his goal. A powerful aim-er for his goals. Like in Mahabharatha, Arjuna was a very successful Bow and arrow user cause his aim would fixed on his goal.
Amit has the Arjun quality to aim for what is. And then go for it, no matter what comes on the way.
He says: “This is life, and life is about doing and not just sitting and getting all what you want, because you will not know what you have received unless you have worked for it”.
Its called Tapus or hard wark.
Amit always takes feedback and continue to grow and therefore after 3 years of teaching Yoga and Reiki he found him self to be interested in New age psychology to understand himself and therefore others on a better and different levels.
He started learning and practicing Hypnotherapy, Linguistics Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique. He says after learning these new skills give him ability to understand people and answer the questions that he was unable to answer before.
Amit and his Yoga Group in Dharamsala Himalayas IndiaHis students find him to be very passionate teacher with alot of patience and warm energy. He works with warmth and connection is main part of the teachings. He aims for getting what his students look for and lives and teaches the real meaning of Yoga.
Apart from this, Amit wants to travel world and wants to meet as many people as possible, who
are part of his world.
He says : i want to meet all those people are part of me but not yet faced each other.
He wrote a quote for his travels: “ Before you meet me, i will come find you”.
His motivational quote towards his clients is: “ The Change occurred at the time, you decided to change”
Which means when you thought of giving up smoking, that time it was already happened, the therapy was only needed to settle and confirmed of this thought, in Mind.
I was inspired talking to him. He is always smiling and excited to talk to you. As his students says he is very warm and full of fun to be around him. And a great friend with a great teacher!!

He offers Yoga Teacher Training in Goa under Ashta Yoga Valley.
Thank you Mr. Amit Namdev for talking to me!
His webs if you might be interested in visiting him: and

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