5 Yoga Postures that you should do as a female and why?

The selected yoga postures are beneficial for women defined by the benefits of the yoga postures.


Asana 1 (Malasana & Variation) – Benefits of Malasana: This asana loosens up the pelvic girdle and tones the pelvic muscles. It is useful for women preparing for childbearing and may be practiced during the first three months of pregnancy. It also has a special effect on the usually inaccessible muscles of the back between the shoulder blades, as well as the shoulder joints and upper back muscles. 


Asana 2 (Titali Asana / Badakonasana) – Benefits of Butterfly: prepare the legs for mastery of padmasana and other meditative asanas. The inner thigh muscles hold a lot of tension which is relieved by these asanas. They also remove tiredness from long hours of standing and walking. It also helps the opening of the hips and stretching the inner hamstrings. Stimulate pelvic floor and helpful in Menstrual cycle. 


Asana 3 (Vertical Stretch) Benefits: This pose is useful in eliminating or preventing stomach or abdominal ailments. It reduces excess weight in the abdominal region, improves digestion, and helps to remove constipation. It improves blood circulation, makes the spine supple, and tones the spinal nerves.


Asana 4 (Ashwa Sanchalanasana) Benefits: This pose massages the abdominal organs and improves their functioning, Opens hips, strengthens the leg muscles, and induces balance in the nervous system. 


Asana 5 (Twisted Lizard or Parivrtta Utthan Pristhasana) Benefits: This is a deep opening for the quadriceps of the back leg. Focus on lifting the front of the hip bones towards the navel to lengthen the psoas.


Asana 6 (Ardhmatsyendrasan) Benefits of Spine twist pose: This asana simultaneously stretches the muscles on one side of the back and abdomen while contracting the muscles on the other side. It tones the nerves of the spine, makes the back muscles supple, relieves lumbago and muscular spasms, and reduces the tendency of adjoining vertebrae to develop osteophytes. When practiced with care, it has proved beneficial for mild cases of slipped disc. Ardha matsyendrasana massages the abdominal organs, alleviating digestive ailments.


It regulates the secretion of adrenaline and bile and is recommended in the yogic management of diabetes. Under special guidance, it is used for the yogic management of sinusitis, hay fever, bronchitis, constipation, colitis, menstrual disorders, urinary tract disorders, and cervical spondylitis, as long as it can be performed without any discomfort. 

Benefits Source: “APMB by Swami Satyananda Saraswati”

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