There are various types of yoga techniques that can improve testosterone levels in men. At the same time, they can improve the blood flow to the pelvic region which can be helpful in defeating erectile dysfunction.


As a relaxing yoga posture, it is suitable for improving the flexibility of the leg and thigh muscles. These postures help to relax tense pelvic floor muscles, prolong sitting and promote better circulation. As with any asana, it is important to be attentive.


Mandukasana or frog pose takes its name from the Sanskrit word manduka which means frog (a person trying to be a frog or resemble a frog), and the name Mandukasanasupta means sleep in Sanskrit.


To defeat erectile dysfunction and delay ejaculation, tighten the same muscles before orgasm. This increases your stamina and strengthens your perennial muscles so they can more effectively support erectile stiffness. By performing the erectile dysfunction yoga asanas, you will improve both your stamina, strength, and stamina to perform sexual intercourse.


This asana stretches the psoas muscles located on both sides of the male body (lumbar spine and hip flexor muscles), allowing you to bend your knees, increase strength, improve blood circulation to the pelvic region and eliminate erectile dysfunction.


Paschimottanasanasana helps to improve endurance by strengthening the abdominal muscles. This asana, also called plank posture, helps to improve stamina and endurance in the bedroom. When a person performs the plank position, they can observe a difference in their stamina and upper body strength during intercourse.


Uttanpadasana is named after Naukasna and is performed to stimulate the body’s sex hormones, such as testosterone in men and estrogen in women. It is a good asana result that is ideal for improving the sexual functionality of men and keeping erection problems in check.


Yoga Nidra is another very effective practice that helps reducing stress levels that have been gained due to ED problems. Yoga Nidra can be an excellent piece of relaxation work to help relax the mind by lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone).


By doing these asana, one binds in the quads and glutes, which helps to remain in the missionary position. The boat posture is simple and includes lying on your back, breathing deeply, lifting your chest and feet, and stretching your arms and legs. Hold the pose for a second, then exhale until you get back to your original position.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when you have difficulty having an erection firm enough to have sex and maintaining it. ED is a dysfunction in which a man develops the inability to maintain or develop an erection during intercourse.


There are many causes for ED, ranging from restricted blood flow due to medications the man is taking to psychological and emotional concerns. ED can be caused by anything and requires medical treatment, but some men are researching alternative medical techniques to reduce ED.


If you have a problem sustaining an erection for long and are ashamed of sharing your problem, try today our ED guide to treating your problem.

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