Uddiyana Bandha / The Abdominal Lock


Stand with your feet one foot apart.
Bend slightly, place your hands on your thighs/knees.
Take a deep breath and exhale forcefully.
Contract your abdominal muscles as much as you can.
Without inhaling, expand the thoracic region.
Gently release your abdominal lock after a few seconds.
Take normal breath and repeat the technique.
You can do it upto three to four times. Each time, you may hold the
abdominal lock for 4/5 seconds.
Uddiyana Bandha should be performed only on empty stomach. It would do well
if you perform it after asana practice.
People suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease should refrain
from practice of Uddiyana Bandha.

“Benefits of Uddiyana bandha”

Uddiyana Bandha improves digestion.
It tones the abdominal muscles and strengthens abdominal organs.
It produces amazing results by enhancing the performance of vital organs.
It is one of the best yoga for reducing tummy fat.
It is good for ulcer and stomach pain.

” Shri Ganesha”

ImageLord Ganesha – how did he got his Elephant Head?

The lord Ganesha is son of mata (mother) “Parvati & Lord Shiva”. Shiva is always meditating.

One day mata Parvati was board and she thought, it would be great if she had a child, so that she can play with and not get board. She created a mud statue and thought ; how nice it would be if this statue could take a human form? Then she cut her middle finger and put the blood on the statue, and the statue comes to human form.

She gives him the name Ganesh. She was very happy to have him and started playing with him and not board any-more.

One day she tells little Ganesh to sit out side the door while she is bathing and not let anyone come inside.

Mata Parvati went to Bathe.

Here The Lord Shiva comes home.

Lord Ganesh: You cant enter inside home, my mother told me to not let anyone come inside!

Lord Shiva: Who are you? And how come you telling me not to go inside my own house?

Lord Ganesh: No! As i said my mother told me not to let anyone come inside and i will obey it and don’t let you go inside the house.

The Lord Shiva gets very upset and angry and he chop the head of the Ganesha.

Here Mata Parvati comes out of the house and sees, that the Lord Shiva has chopped the head of the Ganesha.

Mata Parvati: What have you done?

Lord Shiva: This little boy was stopping me to not let me enter my own home.

Mata Parvati: This is what i told him to do, and he was obeying me!

Lord Shiva a bit surprised and sad.

Mata Parvati: I want my child back. Bring my child back to me.

Lord Shiva: This is against the Law of nature and i cant go against it.

Mata Parvati: whatever you do, i want my Ganesha back.

Lord Shiva says to his disciples to go and look for a pair of mother and child together and that the mother must be facing opposite of her child.

The disciples goes and look for everywhere. They found; crocodile, monkey, Lion and so on…. but all the mother has their faces towards their child.

They walk a bit more and then they see a mother elephant and baby elephant.

And they chop the head of that baby and brought to Lord Shiva.

Disciples: Prabhu (Lord) We looked everywhere and only mother elephant was not facing the baby elephant so we chopped the head out and brought.

Mata Parvati: No! i want my normal child back. I don’t want him to have a elephant head!

Lord Shiva: Parvati! with kindness. I can not change the law of nature, its getting too late, we have to hurry and get our child elephant head before its too late.

And Shiva puts the head on the boy and cut the middle finger of him and put on child and the Lord Ganesha sits up.

This is how the Lord Ganesha got his elephant head.

He is known as a God of Obstacle remover.

His Mantra is : “Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha”


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