Effects of Yoga on the Human Body

would you Keep doing yoga if you new these 8 effects of yoga on the Human body?

Researches has shown these effects of Yoga on the human body in different levels.


Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 1 Cardiovascular System:

  • Connection between breath and heartbeat: Extra supply of oxygen.
  • Purification of blood: extra supply of oxygen, removing carbon dioxide and toxins.
  • Removing disorders from blood (Ujjayi)
  • High blood pressure (Nadi.Sodhan,Sheetali & Sheetkari pranayama, Bhramari).
  • Slowing down heart rate (Ujjayi)
  • Low blood pressure: (Surya Bheda)
  • Heart diseases: NO retention and Bandhas

Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 2. Respiratory System

  • Using the whole lung capacity, expanding lungs and increasing efficiency: eliminates phlegm
  • Removes throat disorders and inflammations (Kapal Bhati., Ujjayi, Sheetali & Sheetkari pranayama, Bhramary.)
  • Therapy for lung disorders: Bronchitis, Asthma, Tuberculosis (Kapalbhati.,Nadi.SodhanAbdom.Br.Bhast.)

Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 3. Digestive System

  • Abdominal movements: – influence on apatite (Agnisar Krya), control over hunger and thirst (Sheetali & Sheetkari)
  • – Keeps teeth and gum healthy (Seetkari)
  • – stimulation of the metabolic rate (Bhast.Kap.)
  • – massage on inner organs and toning digestive system (Bhast.Kap.)
  • – removal of intestinal wind (Bhast. & Kap.)
  • – removes acidity from stomach ((S&S)
  • – Ulcers (N.S., Ujjayi, S&S, Bhram.) DONT do Kapalabhati
  • – Diarrhea ( N.S., Bhram, S&S)
  • – Constipation (N.S.)

Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 4. Skeletal System

  • Ujjayi is supposed to remove disorders from the bone and marrow.
  • Those suffering from slipped disc, shall practice Ujjayi Pranayama.

    Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 5. Muscular System

  • Extra oxygen supply and stimulation of the Nervous System:
  • induces muscular relaxation (S&S, Ujjayi)
  • increasing healing powers for tissues (Bhram.)
  • removes Fatigue (N.S., Bram., Bhast.)

    Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 6. Nervous System

  • Extra supply of oxygen, stimulating, toning, balancing, strengthening and and soothing effects on the Nervous System: Brain centers will be toned, so they can work close to the optimum capacity.

  • Control over the body temperature will be stimulated: cooling (S&S) heating (Ujjayi, Agnisar Krya, Surya Bheda)

  • Cerebral tension, stress and anxiety will be relieved, Insomnia (Ujjayi) Removes sleepiness (Kapalbhati.), Vertigo (Bhram.), Head ache (N.S., Bhram., Ujjayi)

  • Moreover: Pranayama helps for all kinds of skin diseases, healing power of tissues is stimulated.

  • Ujjayi removes diseases from fat, skin and muscles. The reproductive Organs will be toned. For Menstruation Problems and Cramps, Abdominal Breathing and Ujjai help.

  • During and after pregnancy, Ujjayi,light Bhastrika, N.S., Bhramari, and Kapalabhati can be helpful (stop Bhast. & Kap. After 3. month of pregnancy)

    Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 7. Mind and Psyche

  • Calming effect on the mind and thoughts
  • Cooling the mind, and mental and emotional excitation (S&S)
  • Tranquility of thought, tranquilized before going to sleep (S&S)
  • Preparation for mental work, concentration and meditation
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Directs awareness inward, brings peace of mind and one pointed focus
  • Leads to deep state of meditation
  • Helps when suffering from Depression, Lethargy, dullness and sleepiness

Effects of Yoga on the Human Body: 8. Pranic body

  • Harmonizing, stimulating and increasing flow of prana.
  • Clears out pranic blockages purifying and balancing in Ida and Pingala Nadis.
  • Increasing flow of prana in Sushumna Nadi

Would you still keep doing Yoga now you know these 8 effects of yoga on the Human body?

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